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DSHD-0633 Liquid Petroleum Asphalt Flash Point Tester (Tag Open Cup Method)

  • Model: DSHD-0633

Product Description

Product introduction: 1)DSHD-0633 Liquid Petroleum Asphalt Flash Point Tester is designed and developed as per T0633 "Liquid Petroleum Asphalt Flash Point Test (Tag Open Cup Methods)" in the Industry Standard JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. 2)DSHD-0633 Liquid Petroleum Asphalt Flash Point Tester is used to determine flash point of liquid petroleum bituminous materials, the flash point of which are lower than 93 ℃.

Technical Data Sheet


   Main parameters:


   1. Flame application device: it is composed of gas inlet pipe, gas flow adjustment valve and flame comparison ball.


    The diameter of spout is Ф0.7mm~0.8mm. The flame can be adjusted to 4 mm as per the relative standards.


   2. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;


   3。 Sample cup: metal crucible (replace glass tag open cup); Depth 47 mm; the diameter of upper opening Ф64 mm;


   the diameter of lower opening Ф38 mm; there is a mark line, which is 3。2 mm from the rim of upper opening, in the


    inner wall.


   4. Electric furnace: it is composed of heating wires and furnace plate. You can control temperature rising rate


   through the heating adjustment device。


   5. Thermometer: 0℃~+100℃; the scale division is 1 ℃; it is in accord with T0633.


   6. Controlling device: it is composed of voltage regulation circuit and semiautomatic ignition device.


   7. Gauge: thickness 3.2 mm; there are two shape-point projections at the lower section. There is a hole of Ф4.0mm and a hole of Ф0.8 at 3.2 mm from the bottom.


   8。 Ambient temperature: ≤35℃;


   9. Relative humidity: ≤85%;


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